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3 in 5

Americans will go into debt to pay for a $500 emergency expense

Financial Hacks & Pro Tips: Because a small step can move you toward a great destination

Our Financial Hacks and Pro Tips video series was designed to help you achieve your financial goals to get ahead in life in every way imaginable. We believe that like a stone you skip in a pond, tiny financial improvements ripple across your day-to-day situations to eventually create waves of success.

Not everyone loves change, and not everyone likes to learn something new. That's why we speak your language, crafting fun, animated videos that are diligently researched, and easy to understand.


What do we cover? Here are some spoilers!

  • A few painless basics in finance: like understanding FICO from A to Z
  • Everything you need to know about what it takes to buy a house
  • How to make the most of transportation in inventive ways
  • Hack your grocery market to spend less without losing flavor
  • Pick the right bank for you by knowing who manages money best for your needs
  • Protect your money on everything from digital security to personal loans
  • How to make money with odd jobs and tasks you didn't know existed

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