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Credit for life

Are you renting a house, or apartment? Are you buying a car? Getting a job, or a promotion? We call this program "Credit for Life" because we know that better credit can connect you to paying less on the expenses that matter most. We go beyond credit repair with the following steps:

Expert credit restoration with FICO score optimization is the winning formula. Everything on your credit report must be 100% accurate, verifiable, timely, and NOT misleading. If it's none of the above, it can't be there.

Unless you're the Rainman, you'd probably rather watch a video than talk on the phone. Because of this, every 37 days, we will make a personalized video for you where we cover the progress on your credit report, and the recommendations we have to continue making it better.

Now that your credit is improving, it's time to start benefiting from that. Every week, you'll receive a one of a kind in the industry: Financial Hacks & Pro Tips! This fun, ANIMATED video series is a 42-part system designed to help you both achieve your goals AND improve your financial life. We will also walk you through the home buying and loan process so that there are zero surprises. Clocking in at less than 5 minutes each, we cover all the things that can and will put thousands into your pocket!

Get a bird's eye view of your credit repair results, credit to-do’s, credit recommendations, and even the positive items helping your score. Re-watch a video or contact our team to help you achieve your credit goal. This is the digital headquarters for your entire journey to better credit.

You have the financial freedom to pay in a way that makes sense. Choose between our monthly plan, or our pay-for-success plan, where you pay only for items that get removed from your credit report.

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